The first era of computing brought us computers that occupied great halls, when learning to use them was an achievement in itself, but well worth the trouble.

The second era brought us personal computers. that were faster, easier to use, and small enough to move into our homes and offices. However, they were obtrusive and convoluted, which forced us to change our lives around them (still well worth it!). We became chained to desks and learned to interact with computers in unnatural and complicated ways. Worse, we often needed the help of ‘computer people’ for simple tasks and accepted that with computers, a disproportionate amount of time is spent fixing things that should just work.

It is time for the third era. Computers are no longer that special; we shouldn’t need to compromise our lives to take advantage of them. The emergence of fast, portable and always-connected mobile computers–smartphones, e-book readers, tablets, ultra-thin notebooks are going to play a big part in this transformation. Our vision is to always be able to access exactly the computer you need, and yet for them all to be seamlessly linked together as if all the devices are merely convenient interfaces to one virtual unified device. And when you need it, cloud computing should provide on demand access to computing performance that is far beyond anything personal computers can manage.

The Gadget Life will cover the world of technology from the perspective of the vision outlined above. We will provide analysis. reviews, and buying advice to help you make the best use of these emerging technologies in your life.


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